A surfing guide to surfing Dreamland

Dreamland is the odd one out between the several different surf spots we have here on the west coast of Bali’s Bukit( the southern part) region. Surrounded by left-hand reef breaks like Balangan, Impossibles and Bingin. Dreamland is a left and right fun playful wave breaking over a flat limestone reef.




Dreamland beach is also referred to as new Kuta, as it is the beachfront part of a large hotel/golf community that was started in the ’80s and ’90s by Tommy Soeharto, the son of the then President Suharto.

Access is easy by driving into the Golf course area when coming from Ungasan / airport direction. Look for a big state on the right and turn. After 5 minutes of driving downhill you’ll end up for the signs to the beach. Parking is easy for bikes and cars and costs a few rupiahs.


Another way of access is to walk along the beach (at low tide) from Bingin to Dreamland beach. At high tide is’s better to walk on the path on the cliff edge from Bingin to Dreamland.

Walking from Swell (our hotel) to Dreamland is less than 10 minutes or 3 minutes by scooter.


Dreamland is one of the few places where natural footers can get some right-hand waves, (Baby Padang Padang and Bingin rights are the other spots) on the west coast of the Bukit.

It’s not only right-handers though,  there are  4 to 5 different consistent peaks than bother offer left and right-handers.


dreamland surf spot map

Surf spot #1 at Dreamland is a right-hand peak that breaks pretty consistently into a channel. An after a fun take off the wave quickly gets mellow when it reaches the deeper channel. It gives you enough time to do a couple of bottom turns and off the lips.
The left-hander on the other side of that peak is not consistent, but hold power and shape better at times since it doesn’t mellow out into a channel. Paddling back out is harder since there is no channel there.

Surf spot #2 is a left-hander with a shifting peak that can hold it’s shaped well and can connect all the way to the inside section. The right-hander on that peaks can also be a fun long ride, but can close out more easily and also lacks a channel that paddle back out trough again.

Surf spot #3 is very popular with the local indo kids, it’s consistent but short, but great for mini barrels and practising your air game. Be careful of the rocks here, since there are a few big boulders here that you can see on the low tides.

Tides for surfing Dreamland: Dreamland work on the low and mid-tide, tides above 2 metre and the outside waves at Dreamland barely break ( expects in huge swell). The lower the tide, the better most of the waves at Dreamland are.

dreamland sunset

The Wave at Dreamland

Dreamland caters for surfers of all levels, from complete beginners on small days to expert surfers surfing the shore break and practising the air game

Best Swell Direction: South – South West
Best Swell size: 2′ – 6′
Wind directions: Easterly tradewinds
Best time of the year to surf impossibles: Between April and November.
Ideal Board: Any board works, when there are strong offshore winds, a board with some extra volume and paddle power makes getting into the Dreamland waves easier

Wave direction: Left & Right
Bottom:  Flat limestone reef

  • Rocks and boulders at the shoreline.
  • Crowds of mixed abilities
  • Boards flying from above-mentioned crowds when a bigger set comes trough

dreamland surf



Practical stuff:

Where to Park?
Car at Dreamland is a few minutes walk from the beach and charges 5000 Rupiah

Where to leave your stuff?
Local warungs are more than happy to look after your belongings when you go for a surf, just make sure to order food or drinks from them afterwards.

Where to eat?
There are a couple of warungs that sell local food

Board repair?
Best to take your board to Bingin or Padang for board repair

Board rentals
Local warungs rent basic beaten up boards and soft tops for 5-10 USD per hour.

Where to stay?
Swell offers high-quality surf accommodation right in the centre of Bingin, a short walk to Bingin beach and paddle to Impossibles.


Tips for surfing Dreamland

  • Early morning= fewer crowds & less wind.
  • Keep an eye out for the tides
  • Be careful of other surfers
  • Don’t bail your board
  • Respect the local surfers


Gallery of surfing dreamland

Q: Tell me more about Swell Bali
A: Swell is a purpose-built Surf hotel in the centre of Bingin, for surfers, by surfers. Walk to 3 of the best waves in Bali


Dreamland surf forecasts:

Check out Magicseaweed
Dreamland surf forecast on Surfline

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