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Surf guiding in bali

A huge variety of surf spotsare waiting for you
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Is Guiding right for you?

The surf guiding package is only suitable for people who are already expert surfers.  It is not suitable for you if you need tips on improving your surfing and surf guiding should never be mistaken for a surf lesson.  So, if you still need help getting into waves, you need to book surf lessons instead.  Surf instructors booked through Swell can all give beginner, intermediate or advanced surf lessons.

Guiding on the other hand, is suitable for you if you already surf well, but want to take a local guide with you to help you on how to enter the water and where best to sit.

Please also note that Swell has an in-house surf expert who can give you general advice, free of charge, on which surf spots will suit you best.

We are only able to take a limited number of guests for surf guiding in any one week so contact us soon to see what your options are.

Surf guiding and lessons are only available for clients staying with us at Swell.

learn to surf in bali

Surf spots

It’s not luck that we are located in one of the best areas of the world when it comes to variety and quality of waves.  We picked our location carefully and deliberately: Uluwatu, Padang Padang, Impossibles, Bingin, Dreamland, and Balangan are all within easy reach.

These are the spots that are world-class in dry season months, between April and November. In the wet season, spots like Nusa Dua, Serangan and Pandawa are suitable for surfers of various surf levels.

It’s an advantage for sure, but not essential, to have a Surf Guide.  You can also just speak with our in-house surf expert for his opinion on which spots to head for based on the forecast.

Surf Bali's Iconic waves

Uluwatu – Bingin – Dreamland –  balangan

Surf guiding in bali

More Details

To get the very best out of a guiding experience, it’s absolutely essential that you honestly describe your current surf experience and comfort level in various wave heights and types.  That way, a surf guide can make the right choice of surf spot to suit you.  There is little worse than being out of your comfort zone and fearful in the water.

The surf guides are not giving a lesson when they are out in the water with you.  They will not be pushing you into waves.

They will though:

  • Assess your past experience in order to:
  • Take you to the right surf spot at the right time.
  • Inform you of certain rips, currents, or other hazards you need to be aware of.
  • Tell you where to sit in the line-up.
  • Give you tips on how to maximise your wave count

Who this is for

 Bali surf guiding is not suitable at all for complete beginners, novice surfers, or anyone who does not yet possess the skills listed below.  If you don’t meet the criteria listed, you are strongly advised to take surf lessons.

Surf guiding is for people who surf regularly, are strong, independent paddlers and who already possess all the skills below:

  • Select and catch waves easily on your own.
  • Feel comfortable taking off and riding waves down the line.
  • Comfortably make bottom and top turns.
  • Takeoff in head-high+ waves without being pushed.


If you are not sure, or if you have any questions: send us a message.

Surfing Impossibles:
Short walk from swell


The ultimate surf destination


Year-round surf season. Bigger waves occur between May and October


Large variety of waves from beach breaks to shallow reefs


Year-round warm air and water temperatures; bring plenty of sunscreen!  It’s much hotter and wetter between December and March.

Skill level

Something for everyone: beginners – intermediate and expert surfers


Bookdirectly with the owner Clare

Join us in bali

A Swell Bali surf holiday can only be booked through our own website.

Guiding prices vary considerably depending on where you go to surf, how many people are involved, whether you need a car or a scooter and also whether you need surfboards too; send Clare your dates and let her know what you are looking for in the form of guiding and she will get back to you in no time with a price and availability quote

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