Bali is the best place to

learn to surf

with Friendly beginner waves

Learn To Surf in Bali

There’s great  waves for beginners  and intermediate surfers

Bali isn’t just a surfers paradise for intermediate and expert surfers. The Bukit (known for heavy and perfect waves) has plenty of mellow and beginner friendly waves.

Bingin for example  has an inside section that is ideal for beginners and intermediates to learn to surf in a safe and fun way. 

Dreamland a few hundred meters north is another spots that is very suitable for intermediate surfers to ride left and right hand waves.

Inside Padang (baby Padang Padang) is one of the best beginner waves in Bali.


improve your surfing with

bali surf guiding

local bali surf guides can coach and guide you to the best waves

surfing camp bali

surfing bali

the ultimate surf destination


Year round surf season. Bigger waves between May- October


Large variety of waves from beach breaks to shallow reefs


Year round warm air and water temperatures, bring plenty of sunscreen

Skill level

Something for everyone: beginners – intermediate and expert surfers

Bali Surf Schools

Learn to surf in a quick and safe way in bali

At Swell Bali we can get you all set up with the right surf school and surf instructor that suits the surf tuition that fits your surfing level.
We work with several qualified surf instructors who teach surfing at various different surf spots such as baby Padang Padang, Dreamland, Bingin and Balangan.

Many different surf lesson packages are available, from a 2 day introductory learn to surf course to an intensive 2 x a day, 7 days surf course.  Just get in touch with us to check your options.

Learn To Surf in Bali!

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Need help?

Below are some of the frequently asked questions about Swell Bali, if your question is not answered, send us an email, we’ll get back at you in no time.

Surf lessons are not included in your stay with Swell, but can be organized and paid for on location

We can set you up with highly respected pro-level surfers from bingin and the surrounding area. They are super knowledgable on where to find the best waves for your surfing ability.

The surf guiding is not included in the Swell price but can be organized and paid for at location

A short walk from Swell Bali you will find the world-class wave of Bingin.  Bingin is a machine like a left-hander that breaks over  reef, however on the higher tides and smaller swells it’s also a great wave for beginners and intermediates. Impossibles is another wave that Swell guests can walk to, without the need for a scooter or taxi. It’s a long left-hander that is suitable for intermediate and expert surfers. For long rides, it’s best on a bigger swell and can easily hold waves up to 4-5 x overhead. On smaller waves, you can still enjoy Impossibles but don’t expect the waves to connect all the way through.
Looking for mellow intermediate waves? Walk to Dreamland and enjoy mellow waves. Dreamland is best on the lower tides.Overall if you want to enjoy the best waves that Bali has to offer, you could not be better located than in Bingin with Swell bali Surf Camp

Traveling by yourself? You couldn’t have picked a better place to stay ! 
At our Surf Camp in the Caribbean, we are the #1 destination for solo / single travelers who want to meet new people on their adventure surf holiday.

70% of our clients travel to Swell solo. The way we are set up means that it is really easy to meet fellow travelers. We have breakfast together, we surf together and go out for sunset drinks.

The large communal area which is at the heart of our surf camps /  hotels is the central meeting hub to socialize, play a game, and enjoy meals and drinks in the company of others.

Swell is not a suitable place for children, so we have a minimum age restriction of 16 years old

We started our  Luxury Surf Camp in the Caribbean 10 years ago. Clients loved the concept of the luxuries of a boutique hotel with the social aspects of a hostel. Swell in the Caribbean has ideal learning to surf  conditions for people who have never surfed before. After looking for a location for a second Luxury surf camp, with detours in Mexico and Costa Rica; we finally made it back to Bali after 20 years. Yes some things have changed in Bali, but a few things remained the same: the surf is world class and the locals are still as friendly and smiley as ever.
We looked for a good location in Bali; Seminyak (too busy), Canggu (too busy), finally we made it to Bingin and we realized that it ticks all the boxes: Stunning beach – Awesome surf –  A few  restaurants, bars and surf shops and lots of local charm.
We decided against opening a ‘Bali Surf Camp‘, instead decided on a boutique surf resort, less focus on the beginning surfers, and more on the intermediate and expert surfers.Swell Bali does not have in house surf instructors, unlike at Swell Surf Camp in the Caribbean.What is the same?
The same good vibe, ideal for solo travelers. The standard of accommodation is also the same:  super comfortable rooms, mattresses, linen and very tasty and healthy food.

Swell Bali A new Surf Hotel In Bingin, Steps From the best Surf Spots