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Swell Bali Surf Camp

A new surf camp in Bali for adults: walk to the best beaches
A Swell Bali surf camp Experience

a new & Unique surf camp in bali

Our purpose-built Bali surf camp is right in the heart of the popular surf village of Bingin.  Swell has the look and feel of a boutique hotel and retreat, but with the relaxed, social vibe you would find in a surf resort or  surf camp in Bali

In designing our place, our thought was to create the perfect surf resort for solo travellers or sociable couples and friends to get together with other surfers.

At the heart of Swell is a big open communal area with sunken sofa/fire pit, pool table, games area, huge dining table, and bar.   A Ping Pong table stands at the end of our massive swimming pool and deck.

And the location of Swell Bali Surf camp? Right in the centre of Bingin; we are a genuinely short walk to the surf, the beach and to great restaurants.

Did you know: The Bingin / Uluwatu area doesn’t just cater for advanced surfers, it also has some of the best beginner and intermediate surf spots in Bali, a short walk from Swell Bali.



We started the first Swell in the Caribbean in 2009. 

6500+ happy clients later and having been consistently rated the #1 Surf camp & Yoga retreat holiday in the Caribbean,  we finally found our perfect location for another Swell surf camp in Bali.

Swell Bali is the ideal set up for solo travellers, sociable couples and groups of friends that want to meet new people on their holiday in Bali.

After all, going out for a drink post-surf is far more fun in a group than by yourself!

Swell Bali Surf retreat offers a unique lodging & surf holiday experience: We provide high-quality boutique hotel accommodation right in the centre of Bingin, walking distance to Bali’s best surf spots.

But Swell Bali is not just about providing a hotel bed for visiting travellers: We are all about providing a social stay in a boutique surf hotel setting.

What does that mean?  

Well, we allocated a large part of our building and budget to our huge communal area where our guests can chill, relax, socialise, work, eat and play games.
Our dining table seats 18 people and we provide daily healthy breakfasts, but lunch and dinner meals can also be ordered from the bar. We can cater to vegans, vegetarians and cope with most dietary restrictions.

Swell is the ideal place both for solo travellers and for sociable couples / friends who want to meet other interesting people on their Bali holiday; Play some pool or a game of Ping Pong or Darts or sit at our specially designed games stations for one of the many board games we have at Swell.

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a swell bali surf holiday

superb location

walk to surf

Learning to surf in Bali is great, but the Bingin – Uluwatu area is also bali’s hotspot for surfers looking to improve their surfing.

There are perfect waves within walking distance from Swell for those of you  that don’t need lessons, but are looking to surfing perfect left waves ( there are right handers too btw).

Stay at Swell,  meet new people and go on a surf trip with them. Surfing with mates is more fun than surfing by yourself.

For those looking for local knowledge and surf spot information we can also set our Swell guests up with guided surf trips to different surf trips in the area ( or even further away).

Swell is a social place to stay for people aged between 25 and 55 years old, who are looking for a clean, comfortable and stylish place to stay.

never surfed before ?

learn to surf in bali

If you have never surfed before and are new to the sport of surfing, then a Swell surfcamp holiday is the perfect way to get familiar with the first steps of surfing in a safe and quick way. There are several surfing beaches nearby that offer perfect beginner surfing conditions.

With our partner surf school we can offer different lengths of learn to surf packages and both private and group surf lessons to suit your budget. 

If you already have some surfing experience but want to take your surfing to the next level, we can organize surf guiding here in Bali for you to help you move your surfing skills on to the next level.  

Bali truly is one of the best places in the world for surfers of all levels.

Brand new and purpose built surf camp

swell bali 

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Superb location !

variety of waves 

There are waves for beginners, intermediates and experts a short walk from swell


Got Questions?


Below are some of the frequently asked questions about Swell Bali, if your question is not answered, send us an email, we’ll get back at you in no time.

Booking a surf camp in bali  with Swelll is easy. We have a secure online booking system, where you can quickly look up if your dates are available and what the price is.

You pay a deposit securely via credit card to confirm your booking, and we’ll send you all your booking details immediately to check if all is correct. If you have any questions: we are always here to help, so send us a message.

Swell Bali Surf camp is located in the cool beach town of Bingin, on the Bukit Penisula, right in the centre of the best waves in Bali and Swell is very deliberately placed so that you only have a short walk (250m) to the surfing beach.  Restaurants are all around us and Yoga, a gym, a mini-mart, a spa and even a laundry are all within a very short walk. There is no  surf retreat or surf camp in Bali that is better located than Swell.

Prices vary per week, so use our online booking system to check your dates.

Surfing and yoga are very popular here in Bingin, however we do not at the moment offer in house yoga classes since there are several places steps away from us that offer good yoga classes at various times per day.
Surfing? we can organize lessons, guiding and scooter rental if you need it. Or you can grab your own board and walk to several different surf spots and catch some good waves.

The average age of Swell clients varies from week to week. 

General speaking we cater to clients between 25 and 60 years old. Since we are not the cheapest surf hotel in Bali we tend not to get many 18-21 year olds who are on a super tight budget. Swell is not a stuitable place for children so the minimum age for a Swell Surf Holiday is 13.

Traveling by yourself? You couldn’t have picked a better place to stay ! 
At our Surf Retreat in the Caribbean, we are the #1 destination for solo / single travelers who want to meet new people on their adventure surf holiday.

70% of our clients travel to Swell Bali surf camp solo. The way we are set up means that it is really easy to meet fellow travelers. We have breakfast together, we surf together and go out for sunset drinks.

The large communal area which is at the heart of our surf camps/hotels is the central meeting hub to socialize, play a game, and enjoy meals and drinks in the company of others. 

At Swell bali surfcampwe can cater for surfers of all levels. From complete beginners who want to learn to surf, to intermediate surfers who need surf coaching. And we can set up expert surfers with surf guiding, so you can get local surf knowledge and tips from one of the local pro’s.

Swell is a luxury surf  camp retreat  experience, for clients  who want to sleep & eat well and make the most of the surf conditions on their Bali surfing holiday.

We started our  Luxury Surf & Yoga Camp in the Caribbean 10 years ago. Clients loved the concept of the luxuries of a boutique hotel with the social aspects of a hostel.

Swell in the Caribbean has ideal learning to surf conditions for people who have never surfed before. After looking for a location for a second Luxury Surf & Yoga Retreat, with detours in Mexico and Costa Rica; we finally made it back to Bali after 20 years.

Yes, some things have changed in Bali, but a few things remained the same: the surf is world-class and the locals are still as friendly and smiley as ever.

We looked for a good location in Bali; Seminyak (too busy), Canggu (too busy), finally we made it to Bingin and we realized that it ticks all the boxes: Stunning beach – Awesome surf –   restaurants, bars, fitness centre, places that offer yoga classes and surf shops and lots of local charm.

We think Bali is one of the best surf destinations for surfers of any level. For complete beginners who want to learn to surf in the mellow waves, to intermediate and experts surfers who are looking for more challenging waves to take their surfing to the next level.

Why choose Swell Bali as your surf camp destination?

We have a track record of 5,000+ clients over the last 10 years of running a luxury surf camp in the Caribbean, ranked number 1 for years in a row.

At Swell Bali surf camp we continue with the same formula: Quality rooms, healthy organic food, but the most important thing is the social vibe. Guests and staff get to know each other: Arrive as strangers, leave as friends.

Swell is an ideal surf retreat for solo travelers, couples and groups of friends who are looking for a social surf holiday in Bingin, Bali

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Boutique Bali surf camp accommodation in the center of bingin


Different waves for different levels of surfers


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