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A Swell Bali surf camp Experience

A luxury surf camp in Bali

Style & Comfort at the best location
Our purpose-built Bali Surf Camp is right in the heart of the popular surf village of Bingin, in the Uluwatu area of Bali. Swell has the look and feel of a boutique hotel and surf retreat, but with the relaxed, social vibe you would find in a surf resort or surf camp in Bali. In designing Swell Bali Surf Camp, our thought was to create the perfect surf resort for surfers.  We cater for solo travellers, sociable couples and friends to get together with other surfers.

Learn to surf & Yoga

Interested in learning to surf? join us at Swell Surf camp For a Unique surf & yoga Camp

And the location of our surf camp? Right in the centre of Bingin; we are a genuinely short walk to the surf, the beach and to great restaurants.

Did you know: The Bingin / Uluwatu area doesn’t just cater for advanced surfers, it also has some of the best beginner and intermediate surf spots in Bali, a short walk from Swell Bali.




We started the first Swell Surf camp in the Caribbean in 2009.  8000+ happy clients later, and having been consistently rated the #1 Surf camp & Yoga retreat holiday in the Caribbean,  we finally found our perfect location for another Swell surf camp in Bali.

At both Swell locations, the central part of our surf camp is the large communal area; this is where guests and staff all get together for a good time. We have breakfast and dinners together, play some pool or ping-pong, or just chill out and relax at the sunken sofa overlooking the fish and turtle pond. For solo travellers there is no better place in Bali to quickly get to know other people from around the world!

superb location


Learning to surf in Bali is great, but the Bingin – Uluwatu area is also Bali’s hotspot for surfers looking to improve their surfing.

There are perfect waves within walking distance from Swell for those of you that don’t need lessons but are looking to surf perfect left waves (there are right-handers too btw).

Stay at Swell Bali Surf Camp is about meeting new people, sharing meals & go on a surf trip with them. Surfing with mates is more fun than surfing by yourself.

Swell is a social place to stay for adults of all ages.  We get a lot of emails from ‘older’ people asking if they are too ‘old’ for our place.  The answer is no.  In our other place in the Caribbean, our average age is 38.  We can confidently say that if you want to stay at Swell and you want to surf, that bond is stronger than the number of years you’ve been alive.   


Bali Surf lessons

If you have never surfed before, then Bali is a great place to learn the sport of surfing in a safe, fun and quick way. We have a large variety of waves suitable for surfers of all levels.

If you already have some surfing experience from previous surf camps but are looking to improve your technique, get into green waves, learn how to select the right waves, improve your paddling, make bottom and top turns and generally take your surfing to the next level,  surf lessons  are perfect for you.

Bali truly is one of the best places in the world for surfers of all levels.

More info about learning to surf in Bali >>

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surf lessons
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don't need surf lessons?

great waves

Don’t need surf lessons, but want to stay in a super comfortable and social place at the best location in Bali? Swell Bali Surf Camp will be a good fit for you.
Ideal for solo surfers who like meeting new people, having a surf together and going for some drinks after a great session.

We can give you tips on which surf spots work best at what tides, swell hights and your surf ability.

Good waves& good Vibes
Where is Swell bali surf camp?

Best location in bali

Before we chose a location for Swell, we looked at all the different locations in Bali that are suitable for a surf camp in Bali; Canggu (too busy), Seminyak (not enough variety of waves), and all the other spots on Bali’s west coast.

We chose Bingin, because it is right in the center of Bali’s best waves. Bingin, Dreamland, and Impossibles are wordl class waves (for surfers of all levels) and are all within walking distance.  Padang Padang , Uluwatu and Balangan are a short bike ride away.

In Bingin we are right in the center, so you can walk to restaurants, fitness & yoga centers and of course the beaches.

We love the Bingin / Uluwatu area, and we are sure you will too!
There is no other surf camp in Bali that has a better location than Swell.


Boutique Bali surf camp accommodation in the center of bingin

surf lessons

Learn to surf in Bali from professional surf instructors


Pictures of Swell and the surroundings

Got Questions?


Below are some of the frequently asked questions about Swell Bali, if your question is not answered, send us an email, we’ll get back at you in no time.

The average age of Swell clients varies from week to week. 

General speaking we cater to clients between 25 and 65 years old. Since we are not the cheapest surf hotel in Bali we tend not to get many 18-21 year olds who are on a super-tight budget. Swell is not a suitable place for children so the minimum age for a Swell Surf Holiday is 13.

We are the most centrally located hotel in Bingin, and lots of people come to Bingin for the world-class waves. However, Bingin is also a great destination for people who don’t surf: Several white sandy beaches are a short walk from us. Love healthy and tasty food? There are over a dozen quality restaurants in our area serving all different kinds of cuisine.

So yes, people that do not surf are also very welcome at our Bingin hotel.

Our boutique Bali surfcamp / is located in Bingin, on the Bukit Penisula, right in the centre of the best waves in Bali.  We chose our location carefully: Swell is very deliberately placed so that you only have a short walk (250m) to the beach.  Restaurants are all around us and Yoga, two gyms, a mini-mart, a spa, a French bakery, and even a laundry are all within a very short walk. There is no surf resort or surf hotel in Bali that is better located than Swell.

From Swell Bali Surf camp you can walk to Bingin, Dreamland and Impossibles. Padang Padang, Uluwatu and Balangan are only a 5 to 10 minutes easy scooter ride away.

Booking with Swell Surf Camp is easy: Have a look at the package pricing we offer for our Bali surf holidays.  We offer some discounts for longer stays (depending on the season).  Just send us a message using the contact us form.

We will get back to you quickly with a price and availability quote. Once we have given you the availability, you will be paying a 70% deposit using our 128-bit secure online credit card payment system.

Yes we do, we can offer surfing lessons for surfers of different ability levels: From complete beginners that are new to the sport of surfing to more intermediate surfers that already has some surfing experience with previous surf school or surf camps. We work with some of the most experienced surfing instructors on the island, who have been teaching surfing for years in a safe, structured and fun method.

We get you surfing!

Yes, Yes, Yes!  Thats why our place is designed the way it is (it’s not an accident).  Our communal area is deliberately set up to encourage our guests to speak to each other, get to know their fellow surfers and hang out.  Don’t choose our place if you want to stay in your room all the time; it’s not a good choice.  Our rooms are lovely and comfy, but there’s deliberately no TV or wifi in them to encourage everyone out into the social spaces. 

Off course, people that are already comfortable going for a surf on their own are also very welcome at Swell Bali Surf Camp.
We are located in the center of Bingin, so have 3 world-class surf spots within walking distance of us.  Bingin is a great wave, and depending on the tide and swell size can cater for surfers of all levels. Dreamland is a fun wave for intermediate surfers and impossibles can also cater for a wide variety of surfers.

Swell Bali Surf Camp is an ideal base for solo traveling surfers to meet other people .

We started our  Luxury Surf & Yoga Retreat in the Caribbean in 2009. Clients loved the concept of the luxury of a boutique hotel with the social aspects of a hostel/surf camp. It’s ideal for people travelling alone but because of the facilities in our place, and its location, it’s also ideal for a group of good surfers to stay too.  

We placed our surf camp in the best location in Bali;  Bingin.  It ticks all the boxes: Stunning beach – Awesome surf –   restaurants (including  Cacho’s Mexican and Frencha, a French bakery, just a few metres from us), bars, 2 fitness centres within a short walk, places that offer yoga classes, surf shops and lots of local charm.  

We are located right in the centre of Bingin. In the Uluwatu area, in the south of Bali.

At Swell, we do not offer per night prices for our room, but offer full packages which include: Airport pick-ups, daily breakfast, several dinners per week, and if needed surf lessons & transport to the surf spots.
See ‘Packages’ in the menu above.

Have any questions? We’d love to hear from you.

We are very quick on the email response.

Send a message via this page


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Join us in bali

Swell Bali can only be booked through our own website.

We do not discount (save for long-stays at certain times), or sell our room rates on any other external website, or sell rooms via agents.

Just send us  your dates using the price and availability quote and we will get back to you in no time!

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