It’s no secret that Bali is the surf trip capital of the world, but in recent year’s tourism to Bali has expanded far past just traveling surfers. Today Bali is a health and wellness hub, a party destination, an exotic retreat, and of course an immensely popular surf destination.

But what is there to Bali other than the world-class waves, yoga and wellness retreats, and famous beach clubs? The answer is an incredibly biodiverse island with an array of rugged landscapes to explore. If you’re completely surfed out and in need of another kind of adventure, Bali is not lacking in outdoor opportunities. The Island boasts a plethora of hiking, diving, climbing and other outdoor adventures for you to explore. Dive in to learn the best non-surfing outdoor activities in Bali.

Bali outdoor activities

White Water Rafting in Bali

Rafting in bali

White water rafting is often associated with high-altitude, alpine locations that provide massive rapids in frigid, mountain rivers, but that is not always the case. The Indonesian island of Bali is home to excellent white water rafting with varying degrees of rapid class. Additionally, white water rafting in Bali will provide travelers with a unique way to explore the interior of the island. Travel through dense rainforest and jungle, rice terraced hills, and lush farmland by river. There are three main rivers where White water rafting is possible; the Melangit River, the Ayung River, and the Telaga Waja River. Several tour companies operate on all three rivers, so you will have your pick based on the type of adventure that suits you. Tour packages typically include a full day of rafting, transport, and lunch.

Hiking in Bali

Hiking in bali

You may not think you should pack your hiking boots for your tropical getaway to Bali but leaving them out of your adventure pack is a true disservice to the possible adventure that awaits you on the island. Bali is home to several trekkable peaks, the tallest of which (Mount Agung) stands at a whopping 9,944 feet. So, if the waves have vanished, or you simply can’t paddle anymore, lace up your boots and hit the trail. If you don’t want to tackle a near 10,000-foot elevation gain, head to one of Bali’s smaller mountains or volcanos, like Mount Batur. Other popular trekking opportunities include the trails in West Bali National Park, the Campuhan Ridge Walk, and the Lake Tamblingan trek.

Diving, Free Diving, and Snorkeling


Located within the Coral Triangle, Bali divers have access to the largest range of marine life in the world. How you explore Bali’s hidden, underwater wonders is up to you. If you’re an experienced surfer who wants to spend their free time in the water, pushing their boundaries and improving their surfing, freediving is for you.

Of course, never free dive alone. Several freediving schools in Bali will introduce travelers to the wonderful world that lies beneath the surface of the ocean. Once you master the basics, explore the Tulamben Shipwreck in a single breath. If freediving is a bit too adventurous for your liking, there are plenty of dive operators that will get you PADI certified and out on the reef in no time. If exploring the water’s surface is enough for you, snorkeling tours can be arranged all over the island.

If you’re traveling on a budget and want to avoid tour operators at all cost, there are several beaches where all you need to do is throw on a mask to find some of the island’s best snorkeling. Bali may be known for pumping surf, but a few beaches offer calm water and lively reef systems for snorkelers to explore. Snorkelers should head to Nusa Dua, Menjangan Island, Pemuteran, Nusa Lembongan, Padangbai, Amed, and Tulamben.

Canyoning in Bali

Canyoning may not be the most popular extreme sport in the world, but it might be the most thrilling. The sport first came about in the early 1900s as a way to transverse canyons and gorges at speed. Since then, the sport has evolved into a favorite amongst adrenaline junkie tourists.

In summary, canyoning involves jumping, repelling, and swimming down canyons, ravines, and waterfalls. Like white water rafting, canyoning offers tourists the opportunity to explore Bali’s inland jungles through a unique means.

While canyoning in Bali, you will undoubtedly encounter a variety of exotic plants and animals.

Golf in Bali

Bali Golf

While it may not scratch the same itch as surfing, in terms of closeness to nature or the rush of catching a wave, it is a great way to spend time outdoors. Golf has become an increasingly popular sport amongst World Tour surfers.

Head to the Instagram of Kelly Slater, Josh Kerr, Julian Wilson and more to see pros taking a crack at 18-hole courses near the world’s best waves. If you fancy a round of golf during your stay in Bali, head to one of the many courses on the island. The top five courses on the island are New Kuta Golf, Bali National Golf Club, Handara Golf and Resort Bali, Bukit Pandawa Golf and Country Club, Bali Beach Golf Course. The new Kuta (=Dreamland) golf course is a 5-minute scooter drive from Swell Bali.

Bungee Jumping

If Bali’s cavernous barrels are not enough of a thrill for you, there’s always jumping hundreds of feet off of stationary object with a rubber band wrapped around your foot. While it’s not for the faint of heart, bungee jumping in Bali is sure to be an experience you won’t forget. Bali’s most prominent bungee will send you flying off a 45-meter-tall tower over a 5-meter-deep pool. The bungee is located in Seminyak, just steps away from Legian beach.

Rock Climbing

If you’re surfing with us on the Bukit Peninsula, you won’t have to venture far to find alternative adventure sports. It turns out, there is more to Padang Padang then pumping, freight train left-handers; there’s rock climbing. Many climbers make the trip to Padang Padang to boulder and sport climb the overhanging limestone cliffs on the beach.

To take your climbing adventure further, head to North Bali near the Batur Volcano, where you will find Songan Village. Songan Village has several large crags that will entice experienced sport climbers.


Paragliding bali

Paragliding is a great way to view the island from above when the surf is flat, and it’s not quite as fear-inducing as skydiving or bungee jumping. Safely harnessed in tandem to an instructor, you’ll take a running leap from a hillside and glide effortlessly through the air. Paragliding tours can be arranged through Bali Paragliding Tours.

Kite Surfing

While it still does not compare to the thrill of surfing, kite surfing is a great flat day activity. Even in pumping surf, when the winds turn onshore, grab the kite to make the best of the poor surf conditions. Kite surfing can be dangerous, and therefore must be taught by a professional. The best area in Bali for kite surfing is Sanur. There, you will find qualified instructors that will teach you the ins and outs of maneuvering the kite, before you hit the water. In a few classes, you’ll be flying and ready to take on some waves.

If you have never done any kitesurfing before, Swell’s location in the Caribbean offers world class kitesurfing conditions for people who want to learn to kite.

Mountain Biking

In the mood for a bit of downhill fun? Head to Bali Bike Park on the northern side of the island to indulge in some high-speed thrills. Bali Bike Bark operates a trail system within the island’s jungle bound, volcanic hills. Take the park shuttle ten minutes uphill and ride down at your own pace. There are even a few jumps to hit if you’re keen.

We hope you enjoyed our list of Bali Outdoor activities, we are sure that if you are looking for an active surf & outdoor holiday that a trip to Bali will not disappoint

Interested in learning to surf on your holiday to Bali? Bali is not just for expert surfers but also caters very well for beginners and intermediate surfers.

Swell Bali is closed for bookings for now, But Swell In the Caribbean is still the best place for a  learn to surf holiday 

About Swell Bali

Swell Bali is opening in 2020 in Bingin as the premiere surf hotel in Bali. Located 100 meter from the cliff edge at Bingin makes it the perfect surf resort for any surfer that wants to experience the best waves that the Bukit in Bali has to offer. Stylish accommodation with healthy breakfasts, centered around a large loft style communal living room makes Swell Bali Surf camp the most social hotel in Bali for surfers that want to experience a boutique surf camp experience in bali


Interested in finding Bali’s best beginner surf spots? Read our guide.

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Finding that Bali is getting to busy? Not to worry, Indonesia has 27,000 islands. The more remote you go, the less busy the surf is. WaveHaven Surf Villa has beachfront luxury surf accommodation in Rote overlooking 3 different surf spots

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BINGIN FUN SURF REPORT JUNE 18, 2022 For the whole of the last week we had fun surf in the overhead to 2x overhead conditions here on the Bukit’s surfing beaches in Bali. Yesterday at Mid to High tide showed how much fun Bingin Waves can be for intermediate and beginner surfers. Ideal For Family and longboard fun Waves: 2′- 3′ Wind:  offshore winds Temperature: Warm & clear skies, rain overnight   Surfing Small Bingin Waves For beginners and intermediate surfers June 18, 2022   Want more information about Surfing Uluwatu? Read our Uluwatu Surf guide.  Swell Bali is closed

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BINGIN SURF REPORT JUNE 10, 2022 The last 2 days we have had a great waves all over the Bukit. Uluwatu was in the 2 to 3 x overhead range. Padang was breaking today, and had some nice barrels. Waves at Impossibles were in the double overhead range, but there was a long wait between sets. We took some photos of Bingin, which was pumping. There were about 20 surfers out, the sets came through very consistently and every surfer in the water was getting their share of waves and barrels Waves: 5′- 8′ Wind: Light offshore winds Temperature: Hot,

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Uluwatu Surf Report April 13

 ULUWATU SURF REPORT April 13 , 2022 Last 2 days had some very fun waves at uluwatu, Impossibles and Bingin. Today April 13th it has dropped off, but still some overhead waves at Uluwatu. Bali is slowly getting a new influx of tourists, so the locals at the warungs are smiling more and more as they can start to make some money to feed their families. When you come (back) to bali, don’t haggle them for lower prices, they have had a very tough 2 years! Waves: 2′- 4′ Wind: Light offshore winds Temperature: Hot, clear skies   Surfing Uluwatu

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BALANGAN & BINGIN SURF REPORT MAY 15TH, 2021 If you are in Bali now, and you are a surfer this will be a fun weekend for you. Waves are good! Uluwatu had some very solid overhead + waves in the mrning (sorry no photos today). Balangan had some fast barrels. Bingin at around 15.30 was a perfect barrel machine, every surfer I saw was getting a barrel, and 90% were coming out of them. Impossibles had some double overhead waves on the sets, but not easy to get into because of the 20+ knots winds. More good surf for the

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SURFING ETIQUETTE: THE RULES (Or what to do and what not to do) When you decide to learn to surf, you are not only beginning a new sport.  The nature of surfing is not only about the physical activity of catching waves, it’s a culture, a lifestyle and for most of us surfers, it’s an obsession.   As surfing becomes ever more popular, surf breaks become busier and therefore, the ‘etiquette’ of surfing more important still.  Knowing about surf etiquette and how it works will keep you safe, prevent you from being involved in a “surf rage” incident and will almost

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surfers etiquete in the line up


BINGIN SURF REPORT MAY 6TH, 2021 We have had great surfing conditions here on the Bukit of Bali the last few days. Solid overhead waves at Impossibles, Bingin, Dreamland & Balangan. Uluwatu was in the double overhead wave range. Impossibles was still peeling long lefts today. The next few days the current Swell is going to slowlyfade, and then a new pulse is going to set in. Surf Season has truly started here in Bali. Waves: 3′- 7′ Wind: Light offshore winds Temperature: Hot, clear skies   Surfing Bingin & Impossibles picture gallery May 6 , 2021   Want more

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Uluwatu Surfing report April 25

 ULUWATU SURF REPORT April 15 , 2021 New Swlel arrived today, not quit the 12-15′ foot Uluwatu as predicted, but still solid waves in the double overhead range at the Peak, and Temples, and long peeling waves at racetrack. Light offshore wind and clear skies. The whole wind shows a similar wave size on the Bali Surf forecasts. Waves: 4′- 7′ Wind: Light offshore winds Temperature: Hot, clear skies   Surfing Uluwatu picture gallery April 25, 2021    Want more information about Surfing Uluwatu? Read our Uluwatu Surf guide.  Corona update: Bali  ( or the whole of Indonesia for that

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 ULUWATU SURF REPORT April 10 , 2021 Swell arrived a few days late, but today seems to be the start of the Bali ’21 Dry surf season. Overhead + waves at Impossibles, The tide was a little too high for Bingin to be barreling at midday. Uluwatu had some solid 1,5 to 2 x overhead waves, and racetracks was firing when the tide got lower. This coming week should see plenty more good days of surfing here on the west coast of Bali, since the winds have finally turned offshore or very light side onshore. Waves: 4′- 7′ Wind: Light

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 ULUWATU SURF REPORT MARCH 11 , 2021 Yesterday seemed to be the start of the surf season here in Bali, glassy and light offshore surf conditions here at the west coast of Bali. Clean conditions at Uluwatu (overhead), Impossibles (head high) and Bingin (head high). There are les and less surfers here now in Bali, so at least the locals and expats that live here have one advantage of being in Bali during the Pandemic, although financially everyone is struggling, good surf makes up for some of the pain. Waves: 3′- 5′ Wind: Light winds Temperature: Warm, clear skies  

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uluwatu surf report


 ULUWATU SURF REPORT FEBRUARY 16, 2021 New Swell has strated to kick in, with pretty clean and glassy conditions. Tide was very high when the pictures were taken at Uluwatu. Only7 or so surfers out. and some had to do a loop around the cave to get back in because of the high tide + strong current. Wave size should increase and provide good surf conditions for the next few days Waves: 4-6′ Wind: Light winds Temperature: Warm, clear skies   Surfing Uluwatu picture gallery February 16, 2021  

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surfing bali


Thinking about a surf trip to Bali? If so, there are 2 important questions to ask yourself before going: 1- Where should you go in Bali? 2- When should you go to Bali? To answer the first question: we chose the south of Bali, the Bukit Peninsula for very good reasons.  For 8 or 9 months each year we are surrounded by Bali’s best waves; not just for expert surfers, but also for intermediate surfers and also for people who have never surfed before.  We are located in the surf town of Bingin, with surf spots like Bingin, Impossibles, Dreamland,

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Surfing Balangan


SURFING BALANGAN   A surfing guide to surfing Balangan Balangan is one of Bali’s iconic left-hand reef breaks that doesn’t get as much attention as it’s more famous siblings like Bingin, Padang Padang and Uluwatu. THE LOCATION OF BALANGAN Balangan is located just north of Bingin and Dreamland beach, about 500 metres north of Bingin, but access is blocked off from Bingin by a headland, where the start of the Balangan wave is. You could paddle from Dreamland to Balangan on small days, but on big days this is definitely not recommended. Access to Balngan is easy, there are 2

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