Padang Padang Surf report

August 13, 2019

“Very solid Swell running in Bali at the moment. Great surfing conditions at Uluwatu ( bring a big board), Padang Padang (bring a barrel shooter), Impossibles ( bring something with volume) and Bingin (small barrel shooter). Padang Padang had solid double overhead barrels and most tides , and plenty of people and surf photographers out. Impossibles had long lines of waves, but getting into the double overhead waves was tricky with the very strong offshore winds.
Waves should drop a little bit of the next few days, but should still be in the overhead and very good range.”

Swell Bali Bali Bukit Surf Report -“

Waves: 6-8′

Surfing pictures Padang Padang and Impossibles, Bali



We should be posting surf reports and surf pictures from the Bukit 4-5 times per week now for the coming surf season here in Bali


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Bingin surfing


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Want to learn to surf in the Caribbean or Bali, contact us. Bali is an ideal location for surfers of all levels. Different surf spots offer different surfing conditions for people of various surfing levels in Bali. Don’t think the Bukit is only for hardcore surfers, it’s also an ideal location for learning to surf in bali.

We are currently in the process of building our new surf camp/surf hotel right in the center of Bingin. We will be open for the next high season, so if you are looking for your next places to stay on a surf holiday to Bali, have a look at the initial renders.

Located a very short walk to Bingin Beach, so you can surf Bingin , Impossibles and Dreamland without having to take a taxi or rent a scooter. Surfing Uluwatu & Padang Padang is only a 5-7 minute scooter ride away. There is no better-located surf hotel in Bali!


Q: When is the best season to surf in Bali?

A: See the different surf seasons in Bali here

Q: Where are the best beginner surf spots in Bali?

A: Best Bali beginner surf spots can be found in this article >

Q: Where do you surf in Bali in the rainy season?

A: Bali rainy season does not stop the surfing fun, here’s a list of some of the best surfing spots in Bali in the rainy season.

Q: Tell about Bali’s best surf spots

A: Here’s a list of some of Bali’s best surfing beaches that are close to Swell Bali


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Bingin boutique hotel for surfers

Purpose built boutique hotel

We are a new hotel located right in the center of Bali's surf and wellness hotspot. A short walk to the wordclass waves of Bingin, Dreamland and Impossibles. We provide boutique accommodation right in the center of Bingin for surfers and non surfers. Swell i9s an ideal place to stay for solo travelers, couple or groups of friends that are looking for a social place to stay , or a convenient co-working space for digital nomads who love to surf good waves.

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