Info about the best restaurants in and around Bingin

Our brand new surf hotel is right in the center of Bingin, one of the coolest little surf villages in Bali. Until a few years ago Bingin was barely known outside of the surf community, but in recent years the secret is out; that Bingin is very special indeed.  Complete with a stunning white sand beach and waves for surfers of all abilities, it now has an ever-expanding choice of restaurants to enjoy.

Below, we’ve highlighted some of the best places to visit for food whilst you are in the Bingin area.


Until a few years ago, there was only the choice of a few local restaurants in the Bingin / Uluwatu area, mostly serving local Indonesian dishes (which are delicious by the way). 

These days there are new restaurants popping up all the time in our area and dining options are superb, to suit all budgets and food desires.  Below you will find some of our favorites.  The approximate price ranges we have given as a guide only and are per person (not including alcoholic drinks).

We haven’t included every place you can eat in the list below.  For example, down on Bingin Beach, there are many locally-owned ‘Warungs’ (that’s the name for a restaurant in Bali) where you can order simple, cheap Balinese dishes such as Nasi (rice) Goreng (fried) or Mee (noodles) Goreng for a couple of dollars.

bingin restaurant's map

restaurant map bingin ululwatu
cashew tree bingin

The cashew Tree

Less than a minute’s level walk from Swell. 

Serves great healthy and organic food for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.  Thursday night is live music night and you can expect good vibes of locals, expats, and tourists mixing.

Some Recommended dishes: Teriyaki Chicken, Monday’s Curry Day, Pitaya Bowl, Vegan Brunch Bowl, Divine Coconut Smoothie, great vegan ice cream (and lots more!)

Approx. Price Range: Lunches around $6 USD, Dinners $10 USD.  

bingin restaurant


2 Minute scooter drive or a 15-minute walk from Swell.  Young Aussie chef Dylan has an imaginative menu to choose from.  Gooseberry is super-stylish and has a comfortable seating area in A/C if it gets too hot outside by their beautiful pool.  

Some Recommended dishes: Create your own Tuna Poke bowl, Crispy Sesame Tofu Poke Bowl, Omelette Souffle, Coconut Panacotta

Approx. Price Range: Lunches $10, Dinners $15 USD

frencha bingin

Fren'cha Bingin

Opening in January 2021, just 100m from Swell.  

This is Frencha’s 2nd location.  Charles is French and his bread, baguettes, croissants, and coffee are just as you might find on the streets of Paris.  

Some Recommended dishes: Bread, Homemade Pies, Croissants, Pastries

Approx. Price Range: Lunches $6, Dinners $10

bingin beach fish restaurant

Lucky Fish Bingin

Just down the steps to the beach, about 300m walk from Swell.

Lucky Fish is the most popular fish BBQ place on the beach of Bingin.  Chairs are laid out in the sand from 5pm onwards to dine on the BBQ’d catches of the day, whilst you watch the sun setting.

Some Recommended dishes: Anything caught that day by Bingin’s fishermen!

Approx. Price Range: Dinner $10 USD

kellys warung bingin

Kelly's Warung

Just down the steps to the beach, about 300m walk from Swell.

Kelly’s overlooks the surf break at Bingin, so there’s no better place to watch this famous, barrelling left-hander!  

Some Recommended dishes: Kelly’s Chicken Burger, Wraps, Bowls

Approx. Price Range: Lunch $8 Dinner $10 USD

casa asia bingin

Casa Asia Bingin

5 to 10 minute walk or 1 minute scooter ride from Swell

Very well known restaurant in the area, owned and run hands-on by two Italians. The pizzas and pasta are some of the best you can find anywhere in the world. Also does delivery to Swell; easy ordering via Whatsapp.

Some Recommended dishes: Wood-fired oven Pizza’s are superb, pastas are al-dente

Approx. Price Range Pizzas start at $7 USD. 

Latino's Bingin

1-minute’s walk from Swell

Large menu of homely dishes, reasonably priced.  Nice friendly vibe from the Argentinian owners Diego and Georgina.

Approx. Price Range: Lunches $5, Dinners $10 USD

el kabron bingin

El Kabron Bingin

3 Minute scooter drive  or a 25 minute walk from Swell.  

El Kabron is a place to dine and be ‘seen’ if you are into an experience rather than just a restaurant.  Dress up and sit in the dining area or take one of the pool area places and enjoy the loungy, Ibiza-style vibes/music.

Some Recommended dishes: Tapas from Spanish Owners are hard to beat.  

Approx. Price Range Lunch $20 Dinners $30 USD

The Loft bingin / uluwatu

3-minute scooter ride or a 25 minute walk from Swell

The Loft is one of Canggu’s trendy restaurants that have opened a 2nd location in Bali.  It looks good and the food is great too.

Some Recommended dishes: Chicken Stroganoff, The Loft Burger, Bali ‘BLAT’ Sandwich

Approx. Price Range Lunch $4 Dinners $8 USD

padang restaurant

Sugar Rock Restaurant

4 Minute scooter drive or half-hour walk from Swell.

A locally-owned restaurant with cute surroundings and very friendly vibe

Some Recommended dishes: Spring Rolls, Fillet Steak with Pepper Sauce

Approx. Price Range Lunch $6 Dinners $10 

Shaka Riki Bingin

4 Minute scooter drive or a half-hour walk from Swell.

Shaka Riki is owned by a Japanese sushi chef so he knows his fish and how to prepare it really well.  Friendly vibe and great food (non-sushi options are also on the menu).

Some Recommended dishes: Spicy Tuna Poke Plate, Fish & Chips, all sushi dishes

Approx. Price Range Lunch $8 Dinners $12 USD 

drifter surf shop bingin

Drifter Bingin / Uluwatu

3 Minute scooter drive or 20-minute walk from Swell

Drifter’s ambiance and garden seating/dining area is really lovely.  It’s one of the hippest places around and a great place for breakfast and lunch with a menu devoid of red meat (all options are fish or veggie based).

Some Recommended dishes: Seared Tuna Tataki (starter), Poached Eggs and Avodaco, Burritos

Approx. Price Range: Breakfasts $8 Lunches $8, Dinners $12 USD

Mana restaurant Uluwatu

10 to 15-minute scooter drive from Swell. 

Mana is a very nice restaurant – not too posh, but not overly casual either.  You dine with an amazing view over Temples surf break; tables at the front fill up by 5.45pm for sunset dining. 

Some Recommended Dishes: Tuna Nachos, Crispy Pork Belly Tacos, Ginger Miso Mahi Mahi Tacos, Semifreddo dessert.

Approx. Price Range Lunch $10 Dinners $20 USD

Stay 'Home' and Eat at Swell

We serve healthy daily breakfasts at Swell, prepared from locally sourced, always-fresh ingredients. A small home-made lunch and dinner menu is also available with our daily specials listed on the board.
Please note: Swell is not open to the general public.

Our guest’s favorite dishes; Clare’s own recipe, home-made Creamy Coconut Chicken Curry with spiced fried spinach and steamed rice, Made’s Spicy Noodle Bowl (vegan-style or with chicken), Vegetable or Chicken Satays with Peanut Sauce + Thai-Basil flavored Rice, steamed in banana leaves

Approx. Price Range Lunch $6 Dinners $10 USD 

Conclusion: Plenty of options to eat (S)well in bingin

As you can see there are many food options to choose from when you stay in Bingin. Lots of these restaurants are within a very short walk from Swell, and most will deliver to us.
As more new restaurants open over the next few months, we will include them in our Bingin restaurant guide.

Enjoy your meal(s)!

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