We know how people don’t really enjoy reading Terms and Conditions, so we’ve kept them very short – don’t skip through without taking note before paying, because we will apply these terms to your reservation.

For all events (other than a covid19 positive test before you travel – see further details below), our booking conditions are very strict.

You are able to buy travel insurance to cover your trip and it is now a requirement of the Indonesian authorities that you have a travel/medical insurance in place before you are allowed to enter Bali. You must rely on this travel insurance policy for any and all changes*, delays, or cancellation of all, or any part of your stay at Swell.

*The only exception to this strict policy will be if you are unfortunate enough to test positive for covid19, when you have your PCR test prior to departure from your home country. In which case, you will need to provide us with proof of your positive test and upon receipt of that, we will allow you to postpone your trip to a later date. Whilst there is no limit on the time you can postpone, you will be liable for any increase in price (should there be one) between your original date and your new travel date. Obviously, your new dates will rely on us having availability.

Other than a positive covid19 test which we understand is beyond your control, please don’t proceed to book with us if you are not sure of coming. We are a small hotel with high demand and it’s not fair to expect us to keep a room for you if you don’t guarantee us your payment.

If you don’t like our cancellation policy, it’s OK, we understand. You can wait to book closer to your travel dates to see if we still have space for you.

This same strict policy also applies to surf lessons/guiding: If once you are with us, you decide you don’t like surfing, or miss a lesson for any reason, including injury or illness, we will not refund any part of your payment because we continue to pay our surf coaches, even if you don’t surf. Again, if you don’t want to take any risk, do not book this package. Instead, ask us for the stay only package; then you can see on arrival if we still have space for you in the lessons or guiding programme.

All arrival balances (the remaining 25% of your reservation cost) must be settled prior to check-in, either in cash or by credit card: Swell staff will process your payment on arrival. You won’t be allowed to check in without settling your balance, save for very late arrivals when your balance will be collected in the morning.

Maximum room occupancy is 2: Rates are occupancy-based; if you have made a reservation for 1 guest but try to check in with 2, you will be charged the difference before you are allowed to check-in. Only the correct number of people you have booked and paid for will be allowed entry.

Swell does not accept children under 15; if you book a room and arrive with a child under 15, you will not be allowed to check in and we will not refund your deposit.

Please also note, we don’t have fridges, TV’s or wifi in the rooms (this is deliberate). Free wifi is available in the communal area. You cannot self-cater at Swell, or store anything in our kitchen fridges (apart from vital medication): Our kitchen is strictly out of bounds for guests. We do not have hair dryers.

Make sure that your insurance policy also protects any belongings you bring with you to Swell. We will not take any responsibility for any loss or damage to your personal effects.

Swell operates a very strict guest-only policy. We do not allow anyone onto the premises unless they are a paying guest.

If you have any questions: do contact us, and you’ll get a reply from us in no-time.

Thank you for reading before paying.

Team Swell