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If you are considering Bali as a choice for your intermediate surf holiday, it’s a  wise one.    We will get into the detail of why Bali is such a great place if you are an intermediate surfer. 

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Where are the best intermediate surf spots in Bali

Learn to surf in Bali

Learn to surf in Bali; surf lessons for all levels.   Why  Bali is the ideal destination for a surf holiday If you are wondering about which country to choose for your surf holiday, this article might help

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Bingin Surf Report January 24, 2020

Bingin Surf report January 24, 2020 Rainy season surf report for Bingin Beach, Dreamland, and Impossibles Not much of a rainy season here in Bali so far this year. Temperatures are warm and dry. Light winds today, should

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Bingin Surf Report

Bingin Surf report December 13, 2019 Small but fun surf conditions today here in the west coast of the Bukit in Bali. Bingin had small fun waves at 9 in the morning,  very light breeze and waves in

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Your First Indo Surf trip

An Indo Surf Trip 8 Things to Know Before Your First Indo Surf Trip If you’ve just clicked through your purchase of a flight to Bali, Indonesia than congratulations are in order. You are about to join an

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BEST BEGINNER SURF SPOTS IN BALI Bali, one of over 17,000 islands that make up the nation of Indonesia, is no bigger than the US state of Connecticut, but it is known globally as a mecca for perfect

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